Eating Pancakes without Regret

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4 Stages of Pancake Eating

  1. Getting the urge for pancakes! turning on the griddle and mixing ingredients.
  2. Ingredients hit the hot butter lined griddle and the smells rise causing your stomach to growl in anticipation
  3. You eat the warm buttery pancakes right as they come off the griddle. The soft warm food relieves your stress and nothing else matters.
  4. You regret eating the pancakes. You are full, bloated, and sad that you stuffed so many calories into one meal. Forcing you to go to the gym even though you know it won’t replace the regret you feel.

Now let’s be honest, who doesn’t love pancakes. They are a fantastic weekend breakfast that pampers your stomach with carbohydrates and sugar. Most of us, however, have a depressing regret stage. What if I tell you you can eat pancakes without regret!? Well I am happy to say YOU CAN!

I just ate an entire batch of these pancakes and feel fantastic and satisfied! However these can serve 2 if you are adding another protein or vegetable


  • 1 banana
  • 2 eggs
  • Tiny pinch of salt
  • Butter (good quality NO margarine)
  • 1/2 tsp of cinnamon (optional)


  • Mix together the banana and eggs until smooth. Add pinch of salt and cinnamon.
  • Get your griddle ready. melt 1 TBS butter on griddle
  • Pour small pancakes on griddle. Cook about 1 minute each side.
  • SERVE!

Honestly I didn’t add anything to mine. They were a bit sweet and very buttery already. :)

Hope you enjoy this new recipe!

Living Satisfied!

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