Baby-Led Weaning: Our experience

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Baby-Led Weaning is amazing! We started from the very beginning when Jones was first being introduced to solids. While we had some trials occasionally it has been a great success over all. This video gives a simple explanation on what baby led weaning is and how it has gone for us.

My son is 14 months currently and is eating very well. I enjoy being able to trust his instincts and allow him to (mostly) pick and choose the foods he will partake in. We are still nursing 1-2 times a day for added nutritional benefit, but over all he eats real food. We do not serve him milk or alternative milks but maybe once every other day. We focus on him eating solids and homemade smoothies. We give the occasional squeeze pack for added diversity and to help when we are running out the door.

Check out our video and leave a comment! :)

For the book and other really great resources for baby’s first foods check out Living Satisfied Favorites Store and click on the book tab!

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