Feeding a Party

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Hey everyone!

I’d love to share with you all what I served for my husband and brother’s joint birthday party! I wanted to provide an photo-3environment that would allow great healthy food items. The only unhealthy item was a classic cheesecake that my husband wanted as his cake. When asking for this he made sure to state that he wanted all the sugar and fat and lots of gluten. :) My husband definitely has a sweet tooth, but is so good at enjoying the items I prepare on a daily basis. I had to succumb to his desires.

Here is what I served! Pumpkin pucks, proscuitto wrapped asparagus, homemade beef jerky, almond butter, pork and chive meatballs, toasted polenta, hamburgers, and chicken/avacado burgers.

To be honest with you, I was a bit concerned about my menu. I really wanted to shy away from the conventional dips, chips, and sweets. Since it was a adult party I figured it was worth a try. SO I’m happy to say that my guests loved the food! The easiest way to tell what people like is how many left overs you have. I was so happy to have minimal left overs!

I will be adding the rest of these recipes in the next couple weeks! So stay tuned!


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