Fifty Shades of Grey: Black and White 

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Fifty Shades of Grey: Black and White

Christian Grey is a temptation, he is unreachable, a godlike adonis. He is a fountain IMG_2385of unquenchable sexual desire, and holds the world at his fingertips.  He is the new model of the perfect man and has the ability to steal the breathe away from any woman he may encounter. Perhaps it is not a surprise that we fall for him as he reaches down to us just as he did Ana. We are drawn to him through our own insecurities and feelings of unworthiness. While Grey strokes the hair away from our eyes we feel for just a moment that maybe we are good enough for a god such as him.

Isn’t it disturbing that we want to put ourselves in Ana’s shoes? We want to be her. Perhaps it is because we can relate to her. We are not worthy of attention and do not feel desirable. Grey introduces the idea that maybe someone could provide that insatiable attention and would desire every part of us, but it comes at a price.

Grey is controlling, abusive, self-serving, and perverted. His true shade of grey is almost black and we are drawn to his darkness. The story’s images of love and passion and desire are a perversion of reality. Grey’s embodiment of these emotions stem from his twisted, demented, darkness. Unfortunately Grey can be the nightmare that many women face today. Grey’s love is a manipulation that is leaves you wanting more while also desperately seeking authenticity and sincerity. He is the kind of man that is “turned on” by the violence and pain that drives women into shelters and running for their lives, sometimes dead. It leaves them feeling worthless, used, and unlovable.

A actual God-like love is compassionate, self-less, patient, and giving. It is a love that seeks to honor and serve the other. This love is life giving and builds up the self worth of your spouse or significant other. A God-like love is passionate and exciting, but it is not unattainable. You are worthy of this kind of love. You deserve love without having to earn it. The God-like love that you possess can trample Grey’s perception of love any day.

If you insist on watching  this movie just remember that it is just smoke and mirrors. However, I encourage you to instead of watching the movie, spend time with your real love. A lover that gives to you selflessly and chooses to honor you by being patient and compassionate even if he isn’t perfect.



Lots of true God-like love from Living Satisfied.




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