Grapefruit Jello

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Hi friends! I have been overwhelmed and touched by the amount of views my blog has been receiving lately. Thank you all so much!

I have been seeing jello and gummies ALL OVER pinterest lately and decided to make my own. This is seriously the easiest recipe you can make and provides great nutrition.
For me sugar cravings have always been an issue. It is a rare day that I turn away a piece of chocolate! However, after doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox  twice my cravings have greatly changed! I’m not perfect and still want sweets everyonce in a while, but find much more pleasure out of the more intense dark chocolates or sour fruits. This is why I made this jello today. As we all know grapefruit is quite sour despite it’s sugar content. So in order to quench that need for sweet I went sour. It will immediately quench your desire and you don’t need more than a piece or two.


  • 1 bag of grapefruit (4 cups of juice)
  • 2 1/2 TBS of gelatin


1) Squeeze all the juice out of those grapefruits! I used a manual juicer, but feel free to use what you would like.

2) Pour the 4 cups of juice into a medium size pot and bring to boil.

3) Measure out your gelatin and set it aside

4) When juice begins to boil remove from heat and beat in gelatin with a whisk and I mean BEAT! You really want to get moving with this because you don’t want chunks.

5)  After gelatin is well incorporated pour into container of choice to cool. I used a simply glass casserole dish about 8×9 and my jello was about 1 inch thick.

Note: this makes soft jello. The kind you eat with a spoon. For sturdier jello add 1 more TBS of gelatin..That should do the trick.


Hope you all enjoy!

-Living Satisfied

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