How to build a perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

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Building a Thanksgiving Dinner can seem like a daunting task, but with a little bit of planning you can have great success. Here are 5 tips to build an unbelievable Thanksgiving Dinner.

1) The protein.

Thanksgiving protein is typically turkey, but it doesn’t have to be. Choose a protein that you will enjoy. This could be ham, whole chicken, steak, deer, lamb, etc… The biggest thing to remember is to have a lot of it and to cook it appropriately. Here are links to some great recipes.

Basic Turkey: Click here 

Ham: Click Here

Whole Chicken: Click Here

Steak: Click Here

Deer: Click Here

Lamb: Click Here 

2) The over all flavor.

When we think of Thanksgiving we typically think of a big plate full of a variety of foods. You want all of these foods to blend together. When choosing side dishes keep in mind the seasonings you are using in each dish and whether or not you would mind them melding together on your plate.

3) Favorite side dishes.

Side dishes typically include stuffing, sweet potato casserole/mashed potatoes, casseroles, rolls, etc…When choosing your side dishes be sure to try them before the big day. If you have never made them before cook them now to test it out. Thanksgiving isn’t the time to go all out on new dishes. If you have a new dish you think would work great be sure to prepare it at least once prior.

Pick side dishes that are your favorites. Don’t go crazy outside of the box, but stick with the classics that you love! Try to make sure each item you make you will want seconds of. We all know that there will be left overs so pick items that you will be happy to reheat and eat again.

4) Vegetables!

Don’t skip the veggies! Even if you aren’t a huge veggie fan, veggies help even out your plate. Try making vegetable dishes that have lots of flavor. Some of our favorites are stir fried or baked green beans with loves of butter, sliced almonds, and bacon. OR if you are a fan of brussel sprouts check out this recipe *Click here*.

Having a crunchy cooked or fresh vegetable can help diversify your plate by giving it a little bit more texture.

5) Prepping your meal.

The week before Thanksgiving plan out your menu. Then create a shopping list. A great place to do this is *click here*. You can upload recipes and it will build your shopping list for you! That way you don’t forget anything.

Begin prepping 2 days in advanced. Cook as much as you can the day before. This will help ease stress. Cooking most of your side dishes the day before leaves you to just reheat the day of. This means that you can really focus on the protein the day of.

Bonus tip:

Relax!! After you follow the tips above and plan out what foods you desire, remember that Thanksgiving is about being together! It is about family and friends and being thankful for all that you have. A delicious plate of food is just a perk. If the meal is stressing you out as for assistance and/or don’t feel bad about skipping out on certain dishes or needing to purchase pre-made meals. Places like Wholefoods, Trader Joe’s, and Sams/Costco have great options that can ease your meal prep time!


I hope these tips were helpful! Enjoy!


Living Satisfied.


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