I ran out of wrapping paper!

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It is December 23rd and my husband and I have wrapped quite a bit of presents. Unfortunately we realized when we were down to just the last 4 or 5 that there was no more wrapping paper left. Here is what we did.

The first option was one that we already were using to supplement, brown butcher paper. We had a roll left over from painting and it worked wonderfully. We simply tied them up with a variety of bows and string and that was it!









The second option was, in my mind, a bit more creative. We had enough ribbon for one more bow and brown paper simply doesn’t look good alone. That is when I stumbled on the idea of using scrap book paper. I have a TON of this stuff and in a large variety. While looking at my box of paper I came upon the perfect one which was entitled “Faith”. Perfect, right? All of it was a natural color pallet of tan, green, and deep red. I used the paper in a variety of forms. (Ignore my tape, it doesn’t look as noticeable in person, but shows up more with the flash)

The first was simply put around and taped where it fit. The sheets were 12×12 and I simply placed, folded, and taped.









The second was a bit fancier. I cut some of the paper in strips and taped them in a diagonal fashion across the top. I then placed the 12×12 paper around the sides and bottom to simplify the look.












All in all it was a great experience! I actually like these options better than most normal wrapping paper. The brown butcher paper takes no time and can be tied up with string, ribbon, or decorated with markers. The scrap book paper simply speaks for itself and can be used in lots of different ways.

Hope you enjoyed this quick tip! Check out my other posts!


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