Life Update

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Hello Readers! As you all have probably realized…I’ve been busy!
It has been just about impossible to do a weekly post. So I would like to take a few minutes that I do have to update you on why I’ve been so busy!!

It all started in November when my husband and I got notice that our rent was increasing when our lease was up December 31st. We had seriously discussed buying our first home, but were going to wait until the following summer to re-evaluate. However,  when we got notice that our rent was not only increasing, but only allowing 12 month leases we felt sure that buying a house was the right choice for us. We had saved diligently and knew that we would spend the same on a home mortgage as we would renting a 660 sq/ft apartment! That was enough for us to call a relator and move forward. Unfortunately time was tight! We had less than 2 months to find a home and get moved in since our lease would end December 31st.

After looking at quite a few homes in person and online we found the perfect one! Upon arriving for our first view at the home a sweet neighbor came by and introduced himself. I immediately felt comfortable. In our short discussion he named everyone on the block, told us who he was, and told us about the twice a year block parties. It felt like home already. On top of that our relator stated that he had a long term friendship with a man and his wife on that street as well. How could we not love it??

The home is perfectly out of date. It needed lots of love, but nothing to completely gut. It is the perfect first fixer-upper. Needless to say, we put a bid on the house, they accepted the offer, and we went forward with a quick 1 month closing. Then the problems arrived. The week that our closing date was scheduled we got a call saying that they wouldn’t close until after Christmas! It was scheduled to close on the 7th. This was completely unacceptable. Due to lack of communication from the company and complications, our relator suggested another company, Benchmark. Benchmark was able to get more done in 1 week than the other company had in a month! AND offered us better rates! They were amazing and were able to have us close on December 17th! It was much later than we wanted, but it was before Christmas!

Everything that wasn’t about the house was put on the back burners. Including this blog. We had so much packing and such little time. On top of that we needed to go ahead and rip all the carpets out of the upstairs and put in hardwoods. It is the kind of project that is 100% easier if you are NOT moved in yet. Then the day we received our keys we found a great surprise!! Original hardwoods! :) They had not been refinished since they were put in in 1967. There was some serious wear, but nothing a good sanding couldn’t fix. At least that is what we thought. It turns out sanding 3 bedrooms, a hallway, and living room was a much bigger task than we imagined! Not to mention, the master bed room required the flooring be gutted to the studs. We put in a new subfloor and laid beautiful matching hardwoods in the master.

The issue Jay and I had was time. Not only was Christmas the following week, but the day after Christmas Jay and I needed to leave for a wedding in Texas and would not return until the 29th. So Jay and I got moving on the sanding. After most of the day sanding we realized how long it was going to take. Enter my in-laws! What a God send!! We all started to sand and continued for the WHOLE WEEKEND!  Including all the men staying up until 3 am sanding.  Needless to say, it was a incredibly long weekend. However, Jay and I felt so blessed and loved knowing all the hardwork our families were putting in.

My in-laws are the best. :)

So Christmas came and past and we made our 12 hour drive to Beaumont, Texas for our friends wedding. With 26+ hours

of driving we were a bit tired, but the weekend was full of joy.

Once we returned it was basically New Years. Jay went to work for the next two days and then New Years Day was here. My wonderful in-laws and family/friends came over AGAIN to help us with miscellaneous tasks. At this point all of our stuff was somewhere in our home and we could breathe for a bit.

Then we added one more thing to our plate…

Our roommate, Megan! We have been blessed to become friends with Megan and Mitch. We met at our apartment complex’s dog park and our pups became fast friends.

For Mitch’s job, he was going to have to be in Texas for 6 months and therefore we offered our downstairs den to Megan while he was gone. She graciously accepted!

So on top of everything else going on, we had to make sure that area was clear for her and adjust to having another person living with us. Luckily Jay and I were used to only a small 1 bedroom apartment so losing that space wasn’t a big deal at all.

In the end. Life is good. It already feels like home. God has been so good to us that I can’t even fully put it into words. I have so many recipes that I want to make!! Finally I think I will have the time. I can’t promise that I won’t have to skip a week every once in a while, but I will do my best to keep posting regularly!

That being said, this blog is not my business. It has been a space for me to learn and grow in my career as a nutritional therapist. It allows me to keep trying new recipes and connect with others that are like minded.

If you or someone you know needs nutritional consulting check out my Nutritional Therapist page. My prices are not listed, because I am looking for individuals with a drive for change in their lives. BUT trust me, my prices are completely reasonable! Even for those with limited funding. I specialize in pregnancy and those looking to get pregnant, but I have the knowledge to help just about anyone. REMEMBER! Distance is not a factor! Out of state clients are welcome and encouraged.

Thanks for checking out this page! I hope to see you back in the future! If you ever have any questions please shoot me an e-mail!

-Living Satisfied!

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