Monday Motivator: Fresh Start

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“Every Monday is a fresh start. Take a deep breath, smile and start again.”IMG_3314

-Cody App

I actually like Mondays because I do see it as a fresh start. While it is hard to wake up and sometimes you feel the stress of the week on your shoulders, it is a new week. This week let us focus on taking a deep breath and moving forward.

When I was younger my mother would always tell me to go to my room for 5 minutes and come back in a better mood. I HATED it. I felt that she wasn’t being sensitive to my feelings, but then a couple of days ago I caught myself telling one of my residents at Mercy Ministries something very similar.  It was a great reminder for me that we are in charge of our emotions. We can choose to let those around us affect our mood or choose to let it go.

This week lets take some deep breaths, smile, and start again.



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