Monday Motivator:With a Good Heart

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“Do everything with a good heart and expect nothing in return and

you will never be disappointed”. _DSC0072


Phew, that is a hard one for me at times. I’m always inside of my head and with that comes lots of planning and over thinking everything. While giving comes naturally to me, it is so important to give without expecting anything in return. This includes not expecting them to use the gift a certain way. The hardest part for me is not feeling that my gift was appreciated, which is dumb because it is a gift! It isn’t for me! However I feel that I get caught up in the way it makes me feel when I give that I forget the real purpose. This week try to give secretly to others! Do something for a stranger. Give an extra big tip at a meal. Anything… Just be kind to others and ask God to fill your heart with him. God will fulfill you if you ask. Let Him.




Living Satisfied

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