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Meal Planning Services

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My name is Ellie Kinard. I have a bachelors in Health Science and am a Certified Nutritional Therapist Consultant and Restorative Wellness Practitioner.


As an NTC I am dedicated to help individuals and healthcare professionals understand and reverse the tragic and unsuspected effects of the modern diet. The Nutritional Therapy Association is founded on the beliefs of Weston A. Price and Dr. Francis A. Pottenger who, by many, are considered two of the greatest scientific minds ever to research nutrition. The NTC program addresses nutrition from a holistic perspective. As an organization we strive to teach the importance of properly prepared whole foods that are delicious, nourish our bodies, and restore good health. As dietary fads alternate between diets high in carbohydrates, and others high in protein and fat, one thing has become very obvious, there is no one perfect diet for everyone. Nutritional Therapists are trained to help each client find the right types of whole foods that will restore balance and enhance their ability to heal.

As a Restorative Wellness Practitioner I have been trained to analyze and utilize targeted assessment tools that reveal the root causes of physical or metabolic imbalances.  This provides the specific clinical information necessary to customize an effective healing program.  In addition, I recognize the need to address genetic weakness, drainage of toxins, emotional components, and negative thought patterns. For more specifics click here.

As a professional I consider myself a learner, maximizer, positive, strategic and consistent person. I am passionate about nutrition and helping others find their optimal health. I will use my strengths to provide you the best care possible in a timely manner. This is a lifestyle change that requires time and patience, but will be well worth your efforts!!

contact me at


After spending the last year+ as a stay at home mom, I am excited to announce that I will offer 3 meal planning programs!

All three meal plan programs can be completed completely online. No need to schedule phone calls or face to face sessions. Each client will be sent a PDF according to the plan they have chosen. Each PDF has a questionnaire which will enable me to get to know you better so that I can best assist your needs. We will then schedule a start date for your program! 

Plan 1: The Basic Plan- $30

This semi-custom plan is great for individuals that simply want to jump start healthy eating habits by working through a meal plan created by me. This plan is designed to be simple yet provide effective nutritional direction. You will get: a 1 week meal plan, shopping list, ways to meal prep, and some handouts based on the quick questionnaire you completed. This meal plan can accommodate basic allergies such as gluten, dairy, nuts, and tree nuts.

Plan 2: The Personalized Plan- $50

This fully-custom plan is tailored to those with advanced nutritional needs such as allergies, food intolerances, medical/autoimmune issues, etc… OR for someone looking to make a drastic dietary change. You will get: fully customized week long meal plan, shopping list, and ways to meal prep. You will also receive handouts based on your answers to the questionnaire.

Additionally, you will receive three days of customized nutritional consultation via email. This nutritional consultation will be easy and private, and will provide space for you to think through questions over a period of a few days rather than rushing to ask questions in a 1 hour session.

Plan 3: The Kid Plan (Breakfast & Lunch)- $30

This plan is ideal for any parent struggling to diversify their children’s meals. As all parents know, convincing a child to eat a well balanced diet can be exhausting. Let me help! I will create a breakfast and lunch meal plan for your child featuring: 1 week meal plan, meal prep suggestions, a shopping list, and handouts based on your child’s needs. This meal plan program will accommodate children with allergies such as gluten, dairy, nuts, tree nuts, etc…

Thank you so much for contacting me for your nutritional needs. I hope that one of these programs will work for you and your family!

Please ask any questions at or the comments below. 

You can also find me on Instagram/Youtube @ Living Satisfied

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