Pregnancy Affirmations: First Trimester

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Here is some affirmations I wrote during my 7th week of pregnancy. I hope some of these could help my IMG_2272readers during their first trimester! Writing out affirmations when I was feeling anxious really helped put things into perspective.


I am 7ish weeks along and full of anxiety. So much is passing through my mind on a daily basis and especially when I am alone. This first trimester is kicking my butt and it has been hard to see past the soda crackers and ginger/peppermint flavored everything.

In the midst of my anxiety I figured I should write out some affirmations for myself. Something that I could tell myself when I am alone and unsettled. I hope some of these affirmations speak to your heart as well.


  • I am made by God to make this baby.
  • God brought this into my life so I may be made whole.
  • I am stronger than I think I am.
  • My anxiety is nothing but excitement for the future.
  • In a few months I will be holding my first child.
  • Everything I am feeling is not scary, but new.
  • Women have gone through this for centuries.
  • You have an amazing support team that would do anything for you.
  • Don’t read into each feeling and emotion too much, your body is doing great.
  • The devil is not apart of this pregnancy and in the name of God has no power over you.
  • Though he/she may be but a small fruit in size, talk to him/her.
  • Think of all the amazing things that will happen in a few short months.
  • The first trimester is only 12  weeks and you WILL feel better than you do now.
  • Sickness is a sign that all is well with baby.


Thanks for listening!

Living Satisfied

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