Snow Pea Snack!

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Although a large portion of the calories from Snow Peas come from sugar they are only at at Glycemic Index of 3. If you happen to be feeling low blood sugar OR are trying to watch your sugar intake it can be a great thing to pair with a high quality protein!

They are quite filling and with a tiny bit of salt and pepper or Mrs. Dash they are very enjoyable. I paired mine with a bagel sandwich.

It is a great source of Vitamin C and Iron.

To prepare

Take 1/2 TBS and half a bag of Snow Peas. Turn on high heat and place in skillet. Simply cook until a little bit of brown marks show or until the peas turn darker green. Only takes 1-2 minutes!

There you go. Super simple snack or side item that takes no time at all.

They are also delicious with hummus!! especially Trader Joe’s Tomato Basil Hummus.


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