Sunburn Relief Spray: Essential Oils

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If you are like me, the beginning of summer can be rough on one’s skin. While I don’t normally burn too easily, the first couple of times by the pool inevitably get me. Like yesterday! Whoops! I will say I did have SPF 30 on, but while applying to yourself you are bound to miss some sections. :)

So this morning I realized I should post my Sunburn Relief Spray that using Doterra’s essential oils.

To purchase or for more information on these great oils check out this page! or this one 

Sunburn Relief Spray

Ingredients: photo-13


Get your glass bottle. Make sure it is nice and clean! Add all ingredients. Spray.

Feel free to apply up to every 15 minutes if burn is really bad. I use it about every hour or so the first day.
Great for applying just after being in the sun to help the burn not even form.


So easy right? The best part is that these bottles spray wonderfully and you can get those hard to reach spots all by yourself.

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