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Take your make up off.

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Hello everyone! I want to do a couple of sections on what I do for skin care, makeup, and other related items.

Take Your Make Up Off!my photo

Now, not wearing makeup on a daily basis didn’t happen overnight. I begun to not wear make up in college when I was rushing off to classes and simply forgot, but then it continued. While most of the time I didn’t stress on make up I always wanted concealer/foundation. Something to coverup the uneven tone and pimples on my skin. Then a funny thing happened. I kept forgetting to put make up on. I would dress in a cute outfit, pull my hair into a sock bun and leave. Not realizing until I got in my car that my face was bare. For a while I was self-conscious, but overtime it all went away.

Now I have to think about putting on makeup, remembering to put earrings in my ears, or putting up my hair. It isn’t what defines me. I define me. I even forgot to wear earrings so much that on my wedding day I couldn’t wear any because they closed up too much. :) It’s been a couple of years in the making, but I now feel so free. The idea of needing makeup hardly ever crosses my mind anymore. When I do wear makeup it is a simple foundation, nude shimmer eye shadow, mascara, and a colored lip. Nothing that distracts from who I am, except maybe my red lips. 😉

While sure you may look at me and say, well you are young and healthy of course you don’t need makeup! At times I would agree, but most of my life I thought otherwise. Our culture puts so much emphasis on looking beautiful! A woman isn’t seen as put together until she lathers makeup on her face, curls her hair, and wears a pretty dress and heels. The idea that a woman needs make up is unfortunate. I will admit, I do like to put make up on when going somewhere nice, but even my idea of wearing makeup with quite the bare minimum. Make up should be used to enhance your beauty, not to become something your face is not.

Self confidence is the best make up and loving yourself is the best outfit. When you decide to love yourself and all that God has made you to be, your desire to dress for others will disappear. God created your face and that face is perfect. I can’t stress enough the importance of loving your self. It is a lesson that is not always easy to learn, but incredibly freeing.

I hope that this post encourages you to free your skin. Love your self. Love your body. Your body is a good thing. Your face is perfect the way it is.


Be sure to come back for the next couple sections on washing your face, makeup, and other little things.



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