To my friends during my pregnancy: An open letter

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Dearest friend,
I’m sorry I have not placed you as a priority in the recent weeks/months. The reality is, I can hardly keep 1920405_10201752990210438_1884537530_nmyself as a priority at this time. Everything in my life changed the day I found out I was expecting my first child and I have been fighting to figure out how to balance it all ever since.

Please forgive me for not being as good of a friend to you during this time. You deserve the world and I would love nothing more than to run around town shopping and laughing with you, however most days the very thought of leaving the house sounds like running a marathon…and we all know I don’t run.

Friend, my body doesn’t feel good and it seems as though once one exhausting pregnancy symptom subsides another pops right up. My dishes are piling up, e-mails have not been checked, and I am doing my best just to shower daily. I hate that I can’t be there for you and it breaks my heart to miss important events in your life. Please know that even though I am not with you, I still think of you often and long for the days when we can watch a movie and eat pints of ice-cream (Hope you don’t mind a baby in the background of that).

I guess my main point is that I’m not sure how to manage myself during this season of life and unfortunately we both know even more will change once the baby comes. So remember dear friend you have not been forgotten. I may not ask for updates as often as I used to, but that doesn’t mean I don’t really want to hear them. Changes are happening everyday for the both of us so please keep me updated with everything going on, big or small. I want to know about it all! I may not be able to physically jump up and down with you, but rest assure I am excited for you and will always be praying for you and all your future endeavors.

I love you friend. Thank you for your understanding during this time.



Living Satisfied

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